Education Funding

  • Do you have an account for education expenses?

  • If you have a 529 Plan, who is overseeing it to ensure that it is still the best plan to use?


Employee Benefits

  • How often do you review your benefits to determine which ones to utilize?

  • Are there benefits available that you are not taking advantage of?

  • Are you getting the full benefit of any matching from retirement contributions?

  • Are you offered stock options, restricted stock or deferred compensation?

  • Is the insurance component coordinated with the insurance you have individually?


Charitable Planning

  • Do you make gifts of cash or other assets?

  • Do you have a Foundation or Donor Advised Fund?

  • Have you considered other vehicles for making charitable gifts?


Family Legacy Planning

  • Have you talked to your children about any potential inheritance that you will leave them?

  • Are your children prepared for the inheritance that you will leave them?

  • Have you thought about the legacy that you want to leave?


Coordinated Advisor Meeting

  • Have you allowed your advisor team (i.e., CPA, attorney, financial advisor, etc.) to meet with each other on your behalf?